Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"See the world. Change it."

"See the world. Change it." - Shake! by Yvonne Roberts


donnie said...

fly away from shades of grey :))

Mi said...

legal, gostei o desenho sobre parede.

the dear Zé said...

fragile and strong. free


Joan Elizabeth said...

Sorry haven't been visiting much because your blog has been throwing my network down again (something about German blogs it's not just yours).

I accidentally clicked tonight so fingers crossed it stays up long enough to send this message.

Martina said...

Thanks for all your comments, obrigado.

I like the "non popular" street art, not banksy, not invader (I like them, too, of course ;-)) but some scribble on the wall, someone's dream.

Joan Elizabeth, and there is not even one Evil Umlaut here ... :-(

Hm, that's really strange, I would think google hosts blogger widely distributed somewhere in the cloud, it's not like German blogs are on the same Geman server, even in the same Geman housing area, might be not even in Germany. Must be something different, something the German blogs you read have in common ... perhaps some broken feed in the blogroll?

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