Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Nothing wrong in that, is there?"

"Nothing wrong in that, is there?" - Shake! by Yvonne Roberts


kobico said...

Ah, I wonder if that's a statement against the governments current anti-immigrant efforts.

Joan Elizabeth said...

My French is so poor I don't get the message. I admire people like you who master many languages.

Anonymous said...

Être français ne signifie rien pour un Breton!! I'am from french Brittany and I don't feel to be french not proud of it, just Breton!!!
;-) Have a nice weekend!

Martina said...

kobico, yes, I think it's about Eric Besson's "fabriquer de "bons Français"" in the context of the recent Roma deportations in France and the immigration law. At last I would think so but I found some more of these: ne cherchez plus chaussures à votre pied. vivez pieds nus and PUBLICITè-VOUS and heimlich - and I guess there must have been many more I didn't find. It's in Arles, btw.

Joan Elizabeth, Serge might correct me, I read it as " all the good French are children of foreigners" - it's not that my French is masterly, haha. But I like the language and always try.

Serge, malheureusement je n'ai trouvé jamais du streetart Breton :-( ... ;-) But you are right of course, all this insisting on "being French" "being German" and whatever is totally stupid. Have a nice weekend too!

ana barata said...

Not at all. It's so stupid to pretend that there are"pure" french or german or whatever.

Martina said...

ana barata, yes. I am Martina, nothing less, nothing more.

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