Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Instead she pretends she is a child again and the world is black and white"

"Instead she pretends she is a child again and the world is black and white" - Shake! by Yvonne Roberts


SKIZO said...


the dear Zé said...

well, sometimes it, real, is


Balaphoto said...

Excellent shots!!! Congratulations!!

Frank, Barcelona

Lisergic Synaesthesiae said...

An artifact for the mind.

I always feel a sort of wonder when find something so well presented and composed, lying there, ready to sedate the runaway thoughts.

Precious find.

-me said...

it does look like a baby's pacifier. . .

Joan Elizabeth said...

Clever connections here .. a form of art ... I like it.

Martina said...

SKIZO, thank you very much!

the dear Zé, unfortunately or fortunatley it sometime is, yes.

Balaphoto, thanks for visiting and your nice comment.

LS, I have a thing with screws and nuts. They are essential for keeping things together but so often thrown away and not used any more. If you look for them the streets are full of them. Thanks for visiting, :-).

-me, would pacify a robot baby I guess

Joan Elizabeth, thank you, :-D.

paulboo said...

Powerful image you have here, a babies dummy with sharp edges and corners!!

Martina said...

paulboo, a steam punk dummy!

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