Friday, October 8, 2010

"Things did not move with great urgency"

"Things did not move with great urgency" - The Avignon Quintet by Lawrence Durrell


David said...

Your shoes? They are very clean. Must be new.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes they are very still looking feet ... haven't gone anywhere to get them dirty.

Martina said...

David, yes. And yes, new chucks. Orange is the colour.

Joan Elizabeth, yes, I was lazy, :-). And I suppose I would have fallen on my nose if I have tried to photograph them while walking ;-)

earthtoholly said...

What a nice clear shot. I am envious, as I recently tried to get one good shot of my old sneakers, which had scooped up a flower in the torn toe! I'll keep trying... :o)

Martina said...

earthtoholly, so you have this sneakers-torn-toe syndrome too? (therefore chucks, ;-)) I never catch flowers with my torn shoes :-(

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