Monday, October 18, 2010

"She stared at the open door for a while"

"She stared at the open door for a while" - The Warm Fuzzies by Chris Adrian


Joan Elizabeth said...

Now you are twisting my mind, the door it not open. But I do love the textures in this shot.

Anonymous said...

I discovered your beautiful pictures and I'm sensitive to your vision, I like your style and your work, your photos are often very intense! I also like the atmosphere that you gave your page, I had a pleasant time to you read, I'll will you follow with pleasure!... :)
Bye Mahon**

Unknown said...

This may be a strange observation, but I really like the house numbers in France.

Martina said...

Joan Elizabeth, problem is ... I haven't taken any photos of open doors .... :-S.

Mahon, thank you so much for your nice and encouraging comment. And for following this blog, of course. :-)

kobico, haha, I am always on the lookout for _THE_ house number plate (?) to buy when in France - since I like them, too. So, not strange to me at all.

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