Sunday, June 27, 2010

"You are not a simple soul and have no business being here"

"You are not a simple soul and have no business being here" - Indignation by Philip Roth


Bean Fely said...

pormenor interessante, deu um bom click B/W

Unknown said...

*chokes back tears*
Okay, I'll go ... for now!

SLR said...

good post!

Anonymous said...

Great textures and composition, nice B&N.
Thanks for your visit!!
Have a nice day,

Martina said...

Bean Fely, obrigado pelo comentário ea visita. (hope that is right ...)

kobico, you shouldn't identify yourself too much with a beet ... 8-)

Queni, thanks for visiting and your comment, :-).

Serge, merci.

AB said...

Looks like an airborne shot of a tree in a desert.

paulboo said...

One of life's little struggles but it made it through the hard earth!!

Unknown said...

Yum, I love beets!

R.Ferrari said...

Linda foto. Um cactos a brotar no meio da terra seca. Perfeita.

Ratzfatz said...

Simple and nice! It's realy hot ...

Martina said...

AB, I wondered what the visitors will see not knowing that this is simply a beet in a very very dry field ... I like your simile very much.

Uncle Boo, yes - I am always wondering how they manage.

kobico, this is a "runkelrübe" :-P

R.Ferrari, obrigado. Infelizmente, não existem cactos, que cresce selvagem. Isso seria ótimo. (Do I really want to know, what google translate made of my German sentence? I hope it is not too bad ;-))

Ratzfatz, yes, it is. That's my disclaimer for today: the weather is so great around here - I am late with commenting and everything - hey, it's summer! :-D

Again, thanks very much to all for visiting and commenting! :-)

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