Friday, June 18, 2010

"Nothing was in that shed, he knew, having been there early that morning"

"Nothing was in that shed, he knew, having been there early that morning" - Beloved by Toni Morrison


donnie said...

even the spiders left no trace :)

That is the chicken said...

bricks!I like bricks and have some photo's to post in the next couple of days...of bricks!

Anonymous said...

Great, I like the composition and the black and white is perfect! That a pleasure to see U again at my blog.

Martina said...

donnie, I suppose they have respect for gothic cathedral sheds - those spiders.

Chicken, hehe, it's your turn!

Serge, thank you, merci, :-)

Joan Elizabeth said...

The images are getting very austere.

paulboo said...

That's one very tough looking shed, whatever is in it must be very valuable indeed! :o)
Love this shot Martina.

Martina said...

Joan Elizabeth, that's clearly the novel's influence. But this your comment inspired me to make a page "what comes next ... " (linked at upper right corner of the blog) - kind of "I have to read something less severe next, what I am going to read next ..." - not sure if that's really that interesting, though ;-).

paulboo, what you can't see because of my extraordinary abilities with framing and composition is, that this door is about 1 m above the ground ... no idea what's behind or what it is doing in this cathedral's wall ... .
(okay, I used the wrong lens .. duh)

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