Thursday, April 22, 2010

"She thought no poem she'd ever read had been so beautiful"

"She thought no poem she'd ever read had been so beautiful" - Under the Dome by Stephen King


donnie said...

but then she remembered her heart of stone :))

Joan Elizabeth said...

It may be beautiful but very hard to interpret. What am I looking at?


A large mushroom with a big heart. Greetings.

kobico said...

Is this not one of his horror books, or are you finding happy quotes?

So ... is it a mushroom or a stone?

Mary Ann said...

There's such an art to the photo and the quote. I'm enjoying this series.

ruimnm said...

A broken (he)art!

Martina said...

:-) - I didn't see the shape of a heart before reading the comments - thank you, donnie, MM and ruimnm!

Joan Elizabeth, kobico, it is indeed a "mushroom" - in German these kinds are called "Schwamm", i.e. sponge. The correct noun may be punk I learned. I guess this one is a very old one, it was huge ( ca. 30cm where it is attached to the log) and it was very firm - almost stone-like.

kobico, it is and it gave me bad dreams. Finished it today. So yes, perhaps I had the need to find a happy quote.

Mary Ann, thank you.

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