Friday, April 30, 2010

"He feels as if he were forgetting something"

"He feels as if he were forgetting something" - The TV by Ben Loory


Camarandante said...

Muy buenos contrastes.

Me gustan tus fotos

me said...

Martina - your blog has done at least three neat things for me - first - you've got me reading some things that I would have missed. This story, "The TV" is incredible. I thought the image of the guy meeting himself on the stairs returning from throwing the tv away, still carrying it away and returning it to his apartment all at the same time was hysterical.

Second - the photos are great companions to the words you've chosen to illustrate. It's a very pleasing relationship - the pictures and the words. The light on these mushrooms almost seems thrown on there. (!)

Third - I am learning German! Pilze: mushrooms, nistkasten: birdhouse, seitenspiegel: side mirror, zaun: fence! Although something happened to that fence. . . Your title was ironic. I hope you're having a good weekend.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I love fungus ... an enjoyable shot today.

Joan Elizabeth said...

You've inspired me ... I got out into the rainforest today.

kobico said...

I love the fuzzy fungi!

Martina said...

kobico, aah, and I love "fuzzy fungi". fuzzy fungi feeling funky. fuzzy fungi feeling funky forever. fuzzy fungi feeling funky forever ... eh ...

Martina said...

Joan Elizabeth, I do hope that doen't mean the shots before were un-enjoyable ;-) I am looking forward to seeing what you have found in the rain forest ... not kelp I suppose.

Camarandate, muchas gracias!

me (eeh?), thank you so much for this comment. Sometims I use German and sometimes I use English for the files' names. Often I don't remember the German word but the English - strange, isn't it. And sometimes I simply don't know what it is that is shown on the photo and I chose _something_ as a filename - so: take these with a grain of salt. ;-)

Mushrooms in the birdhouse need a side mirror to see the fence.
Pilze im Nistkasten benötigen einen Seitenspiegel, um den Zaun zu sehen.

Hm. Sounds like some of these spam-mails.


Anonymous said...

mir is mir.

sometimes I am too lazy to log in.

I get those same spam comments and emails. I didn't check today's title to see if I could learn a new german word.

Martina said...

I was just wondering if I answer a comment with "me, " : am I starting to talk with myself on the blog now?

np, I know me is you.

paulboo said...

A feeling I am all too familiar with....!
Nice shot.

Martina said...

paulpoo - me, too. Constantly. :-S Thx.

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