Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"This is a new place, and new words are needed"

"This is a new place, and new words are needed" - Foster by Claire Keegan


Julie said...

... plus this barrel ... remind me of the "camps" that drifters set up during the '30s depression ... the large barrel for a communal fire and the small can for their beans. Both images have that sort of desolate feel to them ...

Anonymous said...

Bueno, if words are needed, we'll add some now...:-)
Nice composition and I think that your black and white photos are very good, the quality is so perfect. I like this barrel Martina.

Joan Elizabeth said...

This is a big can. Here's some new words from me "Ich war eine Dose"

kobico said...

The barrel needs a friend with which to share words, though. It looks a little lonely.

donnie said...

who needs words - with pictures telling their own story

ruimnm said...

Beautiful composition.
We need to clean the world.

Martina said...

Julie, this is interesting since that is the kind of thing that I had in my mind pairing the two photos on following days. The melancholic undertones of Keegan's work might emphasise this. So I am not going to tell the real life profane circumstances of the can and the barrel ;-)

Serge, thank you :-)

Joan Elizabeth, lol - this one would have been many "Dosen" ;-) ***arrgh, can't be there is no pic on the internet about this campaign***

Thanks very much for all the comments, :-D!

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