Friday, February 12, 2010

"We might as well have a disco!"

"We might as well have a disco!" - Fjord of Killary by Kevin Barry


Clueless in Boston said...

A cow disco. Sounds like a great idea.

Paula said...

Moooooo-oooove that body!

Joan Elizabeth said...

I am now convinced that you can make any photo match a quote ... this is such a clever and unusual match.

kobico said...

That quote kind of makes me want to read Fjord of Killary.

Martina said...

CiB, lot's of disco around here at the moment, :-).

Paula, this made me laugh, cool.

Joan Elizabeth, I guess I was inspired by the start of the Meenzer Fassenacht (sorry, only in German but might give an impression) - everything is getting a little bit stupid around here. I think I will stay in the house the next three days, :-)

kobico, just finished it some minutes ago - it's a short story about a forty-something who does not know what to do with his life - I find the ending disappointing, hm.

Serge Cornillet said...

Nice to follow my new blog, colourful cows this time, reminds my patrie (Bretagne).

ana barata said...

Nice title forthe image!
Let's dance!

donnie said...

absolutely - when in doubt - dance

Martina said...

Serge, thx - I have never been in Bretagne but one day ... it is definitely on my to-go-to list.

ana barata, donnie: yes, when in doubt dance :-) Nice motto, donnie.

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