Monday, February 1, 2010

"She's thinking that she should have brought her straw hat with her to the beach"

"She's thinking that she should have brought her straw hat with her to the beach" - A Death in Kitchawank by T. C. Boyle


Álvaro said...

A straw hat and the sandals of course. Beautiful winter shot.
Greetings from Spain.

Carl said...

Ah, looks as cold as it is here. We've been in the single digits (F) at night for a week now. Daytime temperatures may reach the freezing point in a few days though.

I like the b&w treatment for the snow scenes. But I've yet to come up with a b&w conversion for my color digital captures that I can live with.

Tash said...

Ha-ha! Been fishing in the warmer waters?
Gorgeous scene.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Today's caption is in English so I know what it's saying ... but do I really ... where's the beach? I took some photos in a pine forest recently and I did need my sun hat.

Pine forests in the snow are so much more romantic.

donnie said...

the straw hat would be an excellent fashion statement for a snowman

ana barata said...

Hi Martina! Welcome back!
Good fishing?
Well, good images!

Martina said...

Alvaro, in fact I know someone you wears sandals and no socks at this time of year, :-S. I really do hope the weather in Spain is a little bit more comfortable right now. Thanks.

Carl, as I (wisely ;-)) postulated my motto as "no fussing around" I can live with these (con-)versions - nothing for prints etc., but with this low resolution blogger format I can live with them - most of the times ... .

Tash, more like dreaming of warmer waters.

Joan Elizabeth, yes, the day before yesterday I thought there must be a German quote sometimes (it's the second one I think in this blog) since of course I am reading German books as well. But do not put this in Google translate - I did it - gave me headaches, ;-) The beach? Where it is? As I said to Tash: dreaming of warmer waters (wind, rain, 1 °C, clouds).

donnie, I will think of this when building my next snowman!

ana barata, thank you. Not that much fishing, though.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Actually I did try Google translate on the day the quote appeared ... couldn't make sense of it.

Anonymous said...

I like this one most of all. Well done my friend!

Martina said...

Joan Elizabeth, I can try: "It was his heaven that arched over the earth" (hm, sounds wrong - I am at a loss). It's the old emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria thinking - looking out of the window in the morning.

Serge, merci beaucoup mon ami.

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