Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Neither one of us knows what to say"

"Neither one of us knows what to say" - Foster by Claire Keegan


ana barata said...

I think ducks are the only animals not distrubed with the horrible weather. It looks so cool!

kobico said...

Say "quack?"

Martina, if your friend is in SF this Thursday, the Exploratorium (it's a hands-on science museum) is doing a series called After Dark. He might be interested in going...

Martina said...

ana barata, in fact I shot this photo last Saturday, lovely warm sunny 15 °C spring weather, hmmm. This bird (it is an Egyptian Goose) is one of a couple that is constanly grazing on the fields (potatoe, strawberry, whatever) - very strange.

kobico, quack!


thanks for the link, I will IM him the url, I am not sure about his schedule, though. This sounds very interesting.

R.Ferrari said...

Bonito momento.

Martina said...

R. Ferrari, thank you :-)

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