Monday, January 18, 2010

"Spent nearly twenty-four hours here, alone"

"Spent nearly twenty-four hours here, alone" - The System of the World by Neal Stephenson


Anonymous said...

Cool I like that, a fresh beer nothing else matters!!

Antimaus said...

Is it thyme?

AB said...

Nice colour tones

Joan Elizabeth said...

With only a pot plant to talk to ... how sad.

donnie said...

the plant might be healthier with some added beer

Martina said...

Serge, it is a French beer, ;-).

Antimaus, yes it is - I found this a little bit unusual to have thyme on a bistro table, but nice, too.

AB, yep - I liked the colours, therefore not a b/w one, ;-).

Joan Elizabeth, but they listen ... ;-).

donnie, yes, you are right, but on the other hand my German heart could not bear to share my beer with a pot plant so I hoped the bistro owners would water it eventually. ;-)

ana barata said...

Unexpected compostion. I likeit!

Martina said...

ana barata, yes, it is getting harder everyday with this 3 x 900 pages trilogy to quote something - but hey, I am on page 532 in the last book :-. I also liked the idea to be a whole day alone with a beer, talking to a thyme - has something soothing to me.

Tash said...

I'll toast to that - nice spot to spend 24 hrs - alone! very interesting combo of items that are usually not associated with each other. great stuff.

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