Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Note the careful selection of words"

"Note the careful selection of words" - The System of the World by Neal Stephenson


Joan Elizabeth said...

Yes. I understand even though I only know English!

kobico said...

If the tunnel is connected to the high voltage wall, I don't know if I trust it!

I like the way what I'm guessing is actually rust looks a bit like electrical burns in b&w.

Serge Cornillet said...

He, He, these frenchs, strange people. Accurate description at least.

Tash said...

High tension perfection - carefully selected!

I've been thinking about you as I read & see some great lines. It's another kind of awareness. Do you match the lines to the photo or the other way around or either way?

Martina said...

kobico, yes, it is rust. Funnily enough there was nothing in the vicinity resembling a manhole, tunnel etc.. Just a wall with the sign .. eh ...

Serge, oui, et les Français attachent le signe sur le mur du palais de Versailles ... ;-)

Joan Elizabeth, attention and volts might be universal, :-).

Tash, depends. With a hard-to-quote text like with the novel I am reading right now I start with the quote and browse the archives. When I just came home with a bunch of new photos I want to show - I start with the photo. If there is nothing to quote in the novel, I go through the New Yorkers piling up here, then to my Pearls Before Swine Calender, then to Shakespeare ... :-)

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