Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Never again interrupt us at our work"

"Never again interrupt us at our work" - The System of the World by Neal Stephenson


Joan Elizabeth said...

Well this IS a nicer picture but you have made the poor gentle cows seem cranky matching it with that quote. It's interesting isn't it ... how the caption can influence the perception of a photo. I like that by they way e.g. how Sean's blog lost something when we changed to numbers.

SP said...

Great quote... They really don't look like happy cows.

R.Ferrari said...

bela foto em p&b

AB said...

It looks like cow junior is about to fall down the hill!

Martina said...

Joan Elizabeth, yes, I prefer photos with captions and/or descriptions, too. It is part of the photographer's interpretation of the world, whether he/she makes his/her own statements, quotes from literature, poetry or songs or gives us a description like in the daily city blogs for example.

SP, yes, I think these cattle roaming in the mountains most part of the year are luckier than many many other cattle.

AB, I always wonder about these cows in the Alps, they are like mountain goats, ;-).

R.Ferrari, muito obrigado :-)

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