Monday, November 2, 2009

"I already impose on your hospitality too much"

"I already impose on your hospitality too much" - The Confusion by Neal Stephenson


Julie said...

I'm cleft here. Pigeons to me are vermin and I really would prefer people not feed them. They have pests on their skin and they leave droppings every where.

However, squirrels to me are cute and gorgeous. But I know that to people in London they are equivalent in the vermin stakes to pigeons.

I always find people who feed pigeons very sad as they seem to structure their day around having this this many friends.

Clueless in Boston said...

People who say this know they have imposed and want to impose even more.

I agree with what Julie said, but never thought about the people who feed pigeons in quite that way.

kobico said...

I agree with what Clueless in Boston said about the quote.

I think both squirrels and pigeons are scavengers (and vermin) and don't need to be fed. They seem to do quite well on their own!

That is the chicken said...

Maybe it's the one flying pigeon who is speaking...and he really is a good guest taking only his due and no more!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Hey Julie, they are just an animal version of weeds :-)

I find this photo touching.

AB said...

Another secret boules player?

Walter Neiger said...

nice shot ... and who is here the thief, the squirrel or the pigeons? :)

Martina said...

In Germany we call pigeons "rats of the sky" ... (uh, I just recalled reading an AskMefi thread about if NY pigeons might be eatable). I do not like people feeding them either.

With squirrels it is different - seems like in many parts of the US they are considered vermin. England perhaps too. BUT - these are _not_ the good small cute shy red continental squirrels. We live in constant fear of an invasion of the bad grey squirrels as it had happened in England.

kobico, the red squirrel is protected in most of Europe, no vermin at all ;-).

Julie, what might be interesting, yesterday night I watched Hitchcocks Foreign Correspondent, where people feeding birds are a metaphor for peace, peaceful people, peaceful times.
Totally different point of view.

Perhaps my motivation for posting this photo - who knows? ;-).

Even if here the pigeons are not being fed, they are the thieves, Walter, the lady made an effort not to give the smallest crumb to the birds.

CiB, yes, your are right, this sentence is one of the clichés that make me shudder hearing them.

kobico said...

In the US, we call pigeons "rats with wings" or "flying rats". Squirrels are cute, Martina, I just don't like to get too close to rodents.

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