Friday, November 6, 2009

"He drew half a breath of air and half of water"

"He drew half a breath of air and half of water" - The Confusion by Neal Stephenson


kobico said...

Hehe, I have done that when diving into water - ouch! There is something about watching birds floating on the water that seems more peaceful than watching them walking around on the ground.

Joan Elizabeth said...

* chuckle * clever matching of image and quote.

AB said...

I like the gentle pattern of the waves in black and white.

Martina said...

Thx for your comments :-).

What I like most is that in this photo one can see the birds do mostly everything birds can do: flying, bobing up and down, catching fish, getting ready to catch fish, landing, flying. The only thing missing is a gull launching ;-)

123 123 said...
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