Thursday, October 1, 2009

"He marvelled at the crowded dirty city"

"He marvelled at the crowded dirty city" - The Lower River by Paul Theroux


kobico said...

Somehow, I feel compelled to reach out and pet the cow.

Anonymous said...

fantastic portrait :)

AB said...

Those funky earrings again!

Martina said...

AB, hm, I am really wondering if nobody uses this design for "human" earrings ... perhaps we can get rich with an innovative new design ... selling "cow" earrings ... let me google ... *lol*

Joan Elizabeth said...

Here in Oz, after the recent dust storm our cities are rather dirtier than usual!

I was out in the country today ... these days I think of you when I see cows ... especially Angus herds :-)

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