Monday, August 31, 2009

"Well, in any case it is certainly an improvement on your appearance the last time I saw you"

"Well, in any case it is certainly an improvement on your appearance the last time I saw you" - Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson


kobico said...

I like that dish, it looks like the containers they use for bonsai!

Sean said...

I havent been around for awhile but have definitely been keeping up with your posts which have been great lately. I am enjoying the quotes too.... funny this is they are making me think without really being able to pinpoint about what I am thinking exactly... Cathederal shot great... touch too much contrast for me because I was looking for some detail in it and I think it was lost a little... my eyes got tired, but as you know, different strokes:).

Martina said...

kobico, that's why German bonsai aren't 20 feet tall, ;-) ... but yes, you are right, I don't know what this thing might be but now I know what it reminds me of :-D

Sean, regarding the cathedral - yeah, this was a tricky one, the original colour photo is boring, w/o dimension and so I tried to emphasize on the Gothic lines by playing around with contrast settings. The blogger resizing doesn't to much good to these things, :-S. So I get your point, yes. :-)

kobico said...

That's funny, I like the upped contrast of St Étienne, mainly because it is probably the most photographed structure in Metz, and everyone who photographs it goes for the standard, balanced, well-framed, blah blah blah shot. Martina's is unique in that it almost looks like a print, rather than a photograph. I had never noticed that I like the lines of the buildings below the cathédral before, either.

Martina said...

kobico, blah blah shot is exactly the word!
I call these kind of shots "postcard photographies" - the ones that shout for hard contrasts and some extreme post processing!

blah blah shot - ha! Like that.

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