Saturday, August 8, 2009

"He knew none of the street names or city centers"

"He knew none of the street names or city centers" - The Valetudinarian by Joshua Ferris


Joan Elizabeth said...

There is nothing more city and an underground. Empty is not some common though.

Sean said...

Ok Martina, so I am going to guess here. No tripod so a little blurry, bad light, heavy contrast in post editing, must have been really dark and light to get that... BUT, it turned out really nicely I think. I like the darkness going forward into the "unknown"... somewhat freaky... what is it with unknown darkness in train stations huh?

Martina said...

This is one of the rare postings that started with the quote in my mind and I had to look for a photo to accompany the quote ...
Joan Elizabeth, yes, undergrounds define a really big city, don't they?

Sean, exactly, waiting for a train not coming and nothing left to do than point and shoot, knowing that the photos will be blurry and underexposed and thinking on the other hand they might do for "art" ;-) ... am I the only one doing this? No, hm?
P.S. I don't even own a tripod (only a gorillapod) - didn't find one that meets my needs yet.

Ulrica said...

I really like your photos. There all allways so much to see.

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