Friday, May 1, 2009

"No steam rose from the surface of the water"

"No steam rose from the surface of the water" - A History of Insects by Yvonne Roberts


That is the chicken said...

Are these logs?...or cigarette stubs? I couldn't decide. The scale could be either, it's interesting.

Martina said...

Broken white asparagus stubs :-D - I am living in white asparagus land in April, Mai, June. End of harvest is Midsummer's Day. White asparagus everywhere.

Julie said...

Good heavens, really? I, too, could not work out what I was looking at. Love the shape of each one, love the tossed-about-ness of the image. But figured it was about to be made into wood-pulp or something similar.

Well I never ...

That is the chicken said...

Ah! I love asparagus...on the BBQ is my favourite!

Martina said...

@chicken, @Julie: I am not sure why the farmers put these heaps of - I am sure nonmarketable - asparagus stubs on the fields - perhaps as a sort of natural fertilizer?
@ chicken: Really? Do you grill them on charcoal?

*Btw* - as it is with this kind of bloging I learned much about asparagus the last days, ;-) - I found a quite amusing article:

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