Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"We were inferior, therefore our history didn't matter"

"We were inferior, therefore our history didn't matter" - A History of Insects by Yvonne Roberts


That is the chicken said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping in at clearly-flew! I really like this blog format you have and I love your pictures...this is one of my favourites on your current page. I love the ones of the old rusty plough(?) too. I've featured your blog on mine for today and will be calling by regularly!
I alos really like the random quotes...I read lots too.

Martina said...

Thank you very much, eh, Chicken? I am always very impressed with your shadow shots - and the little stories behind them (only quotes with me, ;-), everyone has to make up his own story, I am lazy).

I guess this thing is a harrow, but I am not sure.

AB said...

Snap! Another German dandelion - if not quite so monochrome.

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