Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Begirt with many a blazing star ... "

"Begirt with many a blazing a star ... " - The Occultation of Orion by H. W. Longfellow


joanet said...

Ojitos, salpicaduras
de lágrimas o rocío,
cuando tembláis allá arriba,
¿es de frío?

Sorry Martina, is only a passage of poem dedicate to stars by Gabriela Mistral.

Martina said...

Augen, Funken
von Tränen oder Tau,
wenn ihr da oben zittert,
ist euch kalt?

my first try with a translation.

very nice lines.

joanet said...

The poem refers to the apparent twinkle of the stars. Therefore it asks: They are twinkling of cold over there?
In any case: Gute Übersetzung zu Deutsch!

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