Friday, February 20, 2009

"It brimmed and thrummed like rising yeast"

"It brimmed and thrummed like rising yeast" - Pumpkin Head by Joyce Carol Oates


joanet said...

Very good Martina!
Although image and text travel on separated way, the plant that sprouts from your stones "like rising yeast" seems to me a dwarf or lilliput succulent plant, also family of cactus. I have some photos very seemed to your one. This similarity surprises me!
Outstanding Martina:). Although Sundays I prefer to sail that to work in the posts, let me try someting about "rising yeast".

Martina said...

Yes, it is a sedum, familiy of crassulaceae. In German it is called what in Spanish might be "la gallina grasa". I really like photographing antagonims ie. stone vs. vegetation, concrete vs. sea ;-).
I thought I would like to post something maritim or foody - both not subjects that occur too often to me - and perhaps it is interesting for you seeing how I, the non-sailer, non-cook, takes this. Let's see with what I can come up ... hope you had a nice day today. And a very nice day tomorrow going sailing - no stress about posting photos with las gallinas grasas ;-)

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