Thursday, January 22, 2009

"How could a bouquet of flowers be that much?"

"How could a bouquet of flowers be that much?" - Another Manhattan by Donald Antrim


Sandra Ree said...

Love your blog, Martina. :)

joanet said...

I have read 'Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World' one of the last novel of Donal Antrim.
Very surreal and hilariously funny history Martina.
The only problem is my limited english for to understant some complicated dialogs.

Martina said...

@ Sandra Ree

I do hope the pneumonia is walking away by now, :-).

@ joanet
I must admit - I never heard of Donald Antrim before. Fact is, "Cryptonomicon" has been one of the novels that took me longest to read - I can't even remember a novel that took me weeks ... . Now I have a stack of "The New Yorker" starting with the December issue to read .... Donald Antrim was one of the contributors ... > "Martina away googling Donald Antrim" ... but first I have to say something about salad ...

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