Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"She had a bruise on her face"

"She had a bruise on her face" - Until I Find You by John Irving


Anonymous said...

So. This is interesting. You called the photograph 'breath'?

Am I wrong?

I love photos of dandelions - they are so easily bruised. Nice photo and connection to this quote.

Do you like this one?

(you can say 'no.') I was holding the camera at the time and attempting to focus - not something I am very good at.

Martina said...

ooiyoi - now you are browsing the old ones ... .

"puste" is just my lazy abbrevation of "pusteblume" (yes, puste is breath, but colloquial - nothing you would say for "breath" -- eh .... ) and pusteblume = flower to breath on.

Your's is great, not so conventional like mine, I like that, with the black framing.

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